TravisFM - Today's Hit Music
Only The 40 biggest hits of the day

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Welcome To TravisFM

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place by giving those moneys to world charities.  
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TravisFM - Country
Playing the Country Stars from the 90's, 2000's and the Country Legends from the
80's and beyond.

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TravisFM - The 90's to Now
Playing the 90's to the Pop Hits of Today with the Pop Legends from the 80's and

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TravisFM - Classical
The Classical we know, The Classical we should know, and Star Wars!  A classical
station presented like a pop station, fun and upbeat.

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TravisFM - Christmas ON AIR  NOVEMBER 22nd, 2018
A mix of Christmas from all music formats.  Black Friday to Orthodox Christmas with
Hanukkah favorites from December 2nd - 10th 2018.

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TravisFM - 90's and 2000's Rock - Coming Soon
A station for someone who love all forms of rock.  Playing Traditional, Active and
Alternative Rock Hits from 3 decades.

TravisFM - Full Service COMING SOON!
A station with everything for everywhere.  World News, Weather, Sports and
Entertainment.  With music everyone can enjoy from the 40's to today's newest artists.

TravisFM - Music Lovers COMING SOON!
For the one who loves all music.  A combination of all out above formats plus classic
rock and oldies!